Q: Do you accept insurance?

A:  Yes! At the request of many of our patients, we now accept insurance. We are currently in-network with:

  • Aetna

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield

  • Cigna

  • HealthSmart

  • Innovation Health

  • Optima Health (also known as Sentara)

  • Medicare - We are currently full and have a waiting list

Q. Mission Functional Medicine does not take my insurance what does this mean for me?

A: If Mission Functional Medicine does not participate with your insurance you will need to pay the cash price for services delivered at Mission Functional Medicine. The office visit price is based on complexity and/or time spent with the provider. There can be 20, 30 and 45 minute visits.

Lab draws, strep tests, and other in-house labs as well as EKGs are an additional costs. For non-participating insurances, Mission Functional Medicine is considered an out of network provider. If you have out of network benefits, you may be able to get reimbursed. We are currently unable to take money from any Medicaid patient and we are currently not seeing an new Medicaid patients.

Q:   If you don’t take my insurance will my insurance company pay for labs and imaging tests?

A:  Many of the labs we order are covered by insurance. We cannot know or predict exactly the insurance plan coverage and it is up to the patient to check with their insurance to see if the lab will be covered. We provide the lab order and our patients can have the labs drawn at any lab that is preferred by their insurance company. Some functional medicine labs are NOT covered by insurance. All the prices for the non covered functional labs are given to patients before they make the decision to obtain the test. For our patients with insurances that we do not take, we have found they typically have the same coverage of these tests as experienced when ordered by in network providers.

Q:  If you don’t take my insurance will my medications be covered by my insurance company?

A:  Most prescription medications are covered by insurance.  Which medications are covered and what co-pay is required depends on the medication and the insurance company.  If for whatever reason your insurance company denied paying for a prescription medication, our office would be happy to fill out the necessary forms to try and get the medication covered.

Q:  Are you accepting new Medicare patients?

A:  We are currently full for Medicare patients. We will provide updates when we reopen the Medicare panel in the future. We have a Medicare waiting list that you can be added to. We will reach out once spots open up.

Q:  Are Vitamins and supplements covered by my insurance?

A:  Vitamins and supplements are likely not covered by your insurance company. With a prescription you can use your Health Savings Account to pay for vitamins.

Q: How much does a visit cost?



If you have insurance, you will pay your deductible in the office and we will then file the claim with your insurance company for you. The patient will be responsible for the amount remaining, if any, after the insurance company has paid their part.


New Patient: 30 minute visit: $119.96
New Patient: 45 minute visit (most common first visit): $182.75
Returning Patient: 30 minute visit: $119.85
Returning Patient: 45 minute visit: $161.50

Q: I want Functional Medicine. Can I sign up for primary care and get Functional Medicine with out paying the Functional Medicine fee?

A: The Primary care only patient will recive traditional treatment that is within the scope of traditional primary care. Functional medicine testing, principles and treatment practices will not be applied to traditional primary care visits. A good rule of thumb is that if you are wanted a type of treatment plan or testing that is not practiced by your previous primary care provider, it is likely out of the scope of primary care.

Q: I do not want functional medicine but I want to be prescribed herbs and supplements to teat my medical problems. If ther provider I am seeing at mission functional medicine is also a functional medicine doctor, can I be prescribed herbs and supplements?

A: In general we do not prescribe herbs and supplements to our primary care patients. For patient who are interested in those services, we are happy to refer you out to a local herbalist.We feel that extensive use of herbs and supplements is out of the scope of traditional primary care. 

Q: Do you prescribe supplements?

A: During the application of Functional Medicine, supplements or herbs may be prescribed but always with the goal and purpose of resolving the underlying imbalance to try to address the root cause of the problem. The goal and purpose of all supplements is to be used as a short term tool while trying to address the root cause of the problem.

Q: Does this office prescribe hormones?

A: This practice routinely prescribes thyroid replacement hormones. We will prescribe testosterone, estrogen and progesterone on a case by case basis, but in general do not prescribe these hormones. This is not a hormone replacement clinic. Hormones replacement therapy is not our specialty and if someone is specifically interested in this service, we feel their needs are best served at a clinic that specializes in this service