About Mission Functional Medicine

The autism epidemic, autoimmune epidemic, the increasing peanut allergies, increasing breast cancer rates, increasing childhood cancer rates are all our canaries in the coal mine. We are live in a world with pervasive environmental toxins in our water, our soil, our air and in our food.  Many people are "stressed out", eat foods that are calorie dense and nutrient poor, don't get enough sleep and don't exercise.  These toxic substances hang around in our bodies and cause disruption of our hormones, damage our DNA and can ignite our immune system to attack itself.    Our bodies can detoxify and eliminate these harmful substances that are constantly challenging our immune and detoxification systems.  In order to do this our bodies need to be optimized.  We need to limit exposure as much as possible and prime the body to be able to detoxify and repair. 

In general what is good for the environment is good for your health.  Clicking on the resource section you can find links to Environmentally Friendly Products, Environmental Activism and Local and Organic Farmers.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide support and help direct you on your path to wellness.

Our Beliefs

At Mission Functional Medicine, we believe that medical care in the United States needs a paradigm shift. The current way of delivering medical care in this country is ineffective, demoralizing and costly. 

Instead of identifying the root cause of illnesses we use an arsenal of pills to control our symptoms all while shuffling our patient’s through in less than 15 minutes.  Many doctors say they don’t bother with the cause because patients are unwilling to change and they just want a pill.  At Mission Functional Medicine, we believe patients want to fix the problem and are willing to change; they just need someone to take the time to show them the way.

What we are eating as a nation is making us fat and sick.  Some of the additives in our food keep us feeling hungry while they supply us with more calories than we need.  We can reclaim our good health and vitality by changing our food, our approach to handling life stress and increasing our exercise.  

  • We believe your health is your first wealth and we will help you regain your optimal health.

  • We believe what is good for the environment is good for your health.

  • We believe you should not have to wait for hours to see your doctor. If you show up on time and prepared, so should your doctor!

  • We believe proper nutrition and exercise are essential to wellness.

  • We believe in re-balancing the mind, body and spirit to attain optimal wellness.

  • We believe anything is possible with a bit of hard work and determination.

  • We believe it is our duty to inspire and support you on your journey to optimal wellness.

Our History

We started out as a Functional Medicine practice. For four years we did not take insurance and only saw patients for Functional Medicine on a part-time basis. We are very grateful to our patients for helping to build our practice. We have grown almost solely by word of mouth from our patients. As we were transitioning to Functional Medicine full-time, we polled our patients to see what they wanted us to offer. It was almost unanimous that our patients wanted Mission Functional Medicine to take insurance.

There is a reason that we are the only Functional Medicine clinic in the state that accepts insurance. It is very hard to take insurance and practice Functional Medicine. Insurance companies do not recognize Functional Medicineand there are many uncompensated hours outside of the office visit spent on Functional Medicine cases. We are able to bill insurance for primary care covered services. For the application of Functional Medicine and the completion/update of the Functional Medicine matrix, we charge a fee that is in addition to a traditional office visit.

Care Options